Sponsors of ELI Students

ELI Sponsors

ELI is proud to serve governments and corporations worldwide by providing quality English instruction for their students’ academic and professional preparation.

Borlaug Institute

In 2010, ELI was selected by the Borlaug Institute and U.S. government agencies to meet the language learning needs of Iraqi students preparing to enter Texas A&M graduate programs, primarily in agricultural fields.

Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq (HCED)

ELI proudly hosts students sponsored by the Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq to redevelop the higher education system in post-war Iraq.

Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation, Inc. (SABIC)

Since 2010, ELI has hosted three cohorts of students from SABIC, which is the second largest diversified chemical company in the world. ELI is one of four U.S. institutions approved for this prestigious SABIC Foundation Year program, a nearly $3 million contract effort.

Global Leaders in Petroleum

ELI has provided instruction for students sponsored by several other organizations and companies involved with the petroleum industry, such as Japan Drilling Company, Korean Gas Company, Marathon Oil, and Sonangol EP, which manages oil and gas reserves in Angola. These sponsors along with Aramco, the largest petroleum company in the world, have trusted ELI to provide students intensive English language instruction and academic preparation for entering programs at Texas A&M University.

Bush-Clinton Fulbright Scholars

ELI supported Indonesian students, sponsored by the Institute of International Education (IIE), who were affected by the tsunami in 2004.

After the 2004 tsunami struck Banda Aceh, Indonesia, killing 173,000 people, President George W. Bush commissioned a scholarship program to help restore the human capital lost in Aceh Province. President Bush called on former presidents Clinton and Bush to champion the program. Seventy five students were selected to receive Fulbright scholarships to attend Texas A&M University and the University of Arkansas to receive graduate degrees in the fields of education, agriculture, government, and business.

ELI was in the unique position to serve the scholars assigned to Texas A&M and prepare them with the English language skills they would need to succeed in their graduate programs.

In 2013, a documentary entitled After the Tsunami was produced by Larry Foley, journalism professor at the University of Arkansas. The documentary tells the stories of several of the scholars’ experiences after the tsunami, at Texas A&M, the University of Arkansas, and back in Indonesia after graduation, working in their respective fields.

CANIETI – Mexican Electronic, Telecommunications, and IT Industries Chamber

In summer 2014, ELI began working with Texas A&M Engineering International Programs to host 50 Mexican students in a pilot program by CANIETI. During the 10-week summer course, the students studied English intensively, including a TOEFL class, in preparation to apply for graduate programs at Texas A&M. Through this initiative, CANIETI plans to develop human capital in the electronics, telecommunication, and information technology sectors in Mexico.

Through ELI, each of these sponsoring organizations brings students from a diversity of backgrounds, cultures, languages and majors to the Texas A&M campus.


  • Sonangol, EP
  • West Africa Management Services


  • Government


  • Assistantships


  • Colciencias
  • Orbita Arquitectura e Ingenieria
  • LTDA
  • IIE- Institute of International Education


  • Borlaug Institute
  • HCED- The Higher committee for Education Development in Iraq
  • Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research
  • Kurdistan Regional Government
  • Lukoil Company
  • Marathon Oil
  • Republic of Iraq
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • U.S. Government


  • Assistantships
  • Japan Drilling Company


  • Assistantships
  • Government
  • HHI- Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • Korea Water Resource
  • Korean Army
  • Korean Gas Company


  • Embassy of the State of Kuwait
  • Civil service commission
  • Kuwait University


  • Government
  • Libya Ministry of Higher Education


  • Government
  • PEP
  • Sponsored, SENACYT

Saudi Arabia

  • Al-Imam University
  • Assistantships
  • Embassy of Saudi Arabia
  • King Abdulaziz City for science & tech, Saudi Arabian cultural mission
  • King Saud University
  • Qassim University
  • Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation
  • Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission
  • SACM-King Saud University
  • SACM-Jazan University
  • SACM-King Abdulaziz University
  • SACM-King Faisal University
  • SACM-Najran University
  • SACM-Saud University
  • SACM-Umm Al-Qura University
  • Saudi Arabican cultural mission


  • Fulbright


  • Modern Machines Center


  • Government of Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Embassy of the UAE
  • SCO- The Scholarship Coordination Office