Texas A&M International Students

Did you know? Any international undergraduate or graduate student at Texas A&M can take ELI courses while working toward their primary degree. ELI courses may be used to meet Texas A&M English Language Proficiency Requirements or just to improve your English language skills.

To enroll in an ELI course, ask your departmental advisor to send us an email at eli@tamu.edu with the following information: your name, UIN, which ELI course(s) you’d like to take, and the semester in which you want to take them. We will strive to register you for Advanced level courses at a time that does not conflict with your  major classes. The tuition for each ELI course is $550.00, which is charged to your student account in HOWDY.

Texas A&M English Language Proficiency Requirements

Texas A&M requires international students to verify their ability to speak, write, and understand the English language. One way to meet these English Language Proficiency Requirements is to earn an A or B in Advanced level ELI courses. The university’s specific requirements vary based on your classification:

ELPE Questions

Please note that ELI does not administer the ELPE examination. Texas A&M Data and Research Services (DARS) is responsible for administering the ELPE and for monitoring English language proficiency verification. All questions regarding the ELPE should be directed to DARS.