Welcome to the English Language Institute at Texas A&M University

We have been teaching English to international students at Texas A&M since 1966.

  • Learn through classes

    Learn through classes

    Excellent Instructors

    ELI instructors are highly qualified professionals who hold advanced degrees in applied linguistics, English, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), or related fields. All instructors continually participate in professional development opportunities.

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    Three Semesters

    We have three semesters each year, following the University calendar.

    • 15 week spring semester (January-May)
    • 10 week summer semester (June-August)
    • 15 week fall semester (August-December)

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    Four levels

    Each course is offered at four different levels.

    Each student’s levels are decided by scores on a standardized test called the ELPE (English Language Proficiency Exam). New students take the ELPE one week before classes begin. Students may be placed in different levels in different courses based on their ability. For example, a student who is stronger in Listening than in Reading may be placed in Intermediate Listening and Basic Reading.

    • Basic Level (100)
      The Basic level is for high beginners. These students may have studied English in their home countries, but are not yet able to use English easily. Students in this level normally study for 4-5 semesters before their English is ready for academic study in a college or university. Corresponds to CEFR level A2: basic user (high).
    • Intermediate Level (200)
      These students are able to use English for most general purposes. Students in this level normally study for 2-3 semesters before their English is ready for academic study in a college or university. Corresponds to CEFR level B1: independent user (low).
    • Intermediate II Level (250)
      Students in this level normally study for 1-2 semesters before their English is ready for academic study in a college or university. Corresponds to CEFR level B2: independent user (high).
    • Advanced Level (300)
      Students placed in this level are able to communicate in English but have not yet achieved a proficiency level suitable for university studies. International students enrolled at Texas A&M may satisfy the University’s English proficiency requirements by passing Advanced level classes with the grade of A or B. Corresponds to CEFR level C1: proficient user (low).

    Seven Courses

    We offer courses in the following seven subjects:

    • American Customs & Culture
      Learn about American culture through special presentations and field trips as well as talking with American students. This course is for new full-time students.
    • Composition
      Work on academic writing skills to prepare for university-level courses.
    • Grammar
      Study the rules of the English language and how to use them accurately in speech and writing.
    • Listening
      Improve listening comprehension for academic and daily use and practice note-taking skills. Meet and practice listening with American students.
    • Oral Skills
      Learn to speak clearly for academic and daily purposes. Meet weekly with an American conversation partner for one-on-one speaking practice.
    • Reading
      Focus on ways to read faster, to understand better, and to remember more.
    • Vocabulary
      Learn to use new words correctly in writing and speaking.

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  • Interact with Americans

    Interact with Americans

    Conversation Partners

    Each student taking an Oral Skills class will have a conversation partner. Conversation partners are American university students who work for ELI. Students meet with their conversation partners outside of class every week for 30 minutes.

    Classroom Partners

    Classroom partners are American Texas A&M students who volunteer to attend ELI classes once a week. Classroom partners help ELI students practice conversation skills, meet friends, and share culture.

    Student Groups

    ELI students have the opportunity to join Texas A&M student groups on campus. Student groups are a great way to make American friends and do something you enjoy. There are more than 900 student groups to choose from! Do you like horseback riding, engineering, learning new languages, learning to dance? There is a student group for everything.

  • Experience Culture

    Experience culture

    Cultural Activities

    Each semester, ELI invites students to join fun and educational cultural activities in the local community and in other parts of Texas. Examples of cultural activities are: dinner and team building, athletic events, traditional Thanksgiving dinner, out of town trips, spelling bees, and certificate ceremonies.

    Great American Campus

    ELI is located in the center of one of the largest American university campuses. With more than 50,000 students and excellent on-campus resources, the opportunities to learn and interact with American people are endless.