Root Root Meaning Vocabulary Items
Ber- Carry Bear, berth, born, borne, burden
Bid/bead Offer, pray Bid, bead, beaded, forbid
Bind- Tie, fasten Bind, binder, bindery, band
Bl_ch- Whiten, bare Bleach, bleacher, bleak, blank
Bl_w- Blow, swell Blow, blew, bladder, blast
Br_k- Fragment Break, broke, broken, brick
Brew- Ferment Brew, brewage, brewery, bread
Burn/bran Consume with fire, torch Burner, brand, burnable, beer
Dear Valued Dear, dearly, dearth, darling
Dr_g- Arid, not wet Dry, drier, drought, drug, drying
Drag Pull along, haul, transport Drag, dragged, drag in, dragon
Drif- Carry along Drift, drifter, adrift, drive
Drink Swallow Drink, drank, drunk, drinkable
Fare Go (food) Fare, fared, farewell, welfare
Flot Held up by air or water Float, flood, fleet, flotation
Fod-/fed- Satisfy Feed, fed, food, foster, feeding
Fot-/fet- Bring (go and get) Fetch, fetching, foot, feet, fetter
Hard/-ard Not soft Hard, hardly, hardback, billiards
Hel Sanctuary, place of protection Hell, hellish, helmet, hall
Hev- Lift with force Heave, hove, heavy, upheaval
Kna- Boy, male Knave, knight
Knack Strike Knack, knapsack, knife, knock
Kne- Joint of the leg Knee, kneed, kneel, knicker
Kno- Skill Know, knowledge, knew
Knob Lump Knob, knot, knit, knuckle, knoll
L_d Guide Lead, led, leader, load
L_rn- Study, to attain knowledge Learn, learner, learning, lore
Lack To be without Lack, lacking, lackadaisical, lag
Laf Bread Loaf, lord, lady
Leap/l_p Jump, run Leap, leaped, leaper, elope, gallop
Lik- Similar, to be pleased with Like, liken, likeness, likely
Los- Not to have any longer Loss, lose, lost, forlorn, losing
Mark- Boundary, sign Mark, remarkable, demarcation
Reck- Care, regard Reckless, reckon, reckoning
Rob/r_v Take away by force Rob, robe, bereft, bereave
Say Speak, declare Say, said, sage, saw, saying
Shuf- Push Shuffle, shovel, shove
Side Boundary, edge Side, siding, beside, inside, sided
Sit/set Rest Sit, sat, settlement, set, settee
Sla- Strike Slayer, slaughter, sly, slap
Spell Recite Spell, spelling, gospel, spelled
Spin Revolve Spin, span, spindle, spider, spine
Stall Avoid, place for Stall, pedestal, installment
Starv- Die, stiff Stare, stave, stern
Ster- Guide, direct Steer, astern, stereotype, steerage
Swer- Swear, proclaim Answer, forswear, swear, sworn
T_s- Pluck Tease, tousle, tussle
Tall/tal Put into words Tell, told, talk, tale, teller
Thr- 3 Three, thirteen, thirty, trio
Tru- Faithful Truth, true, troth, betrothed, truly
Tw- 2 Two, twelve, twin, between
Wak- Conscious, not sleeping Wake, watch, wait, awake
Ward- Guard, protect Ward, wardrobe, homeward, warden, reward
Wit/wis Know Wit, witty, wise, wisdom, witness
Wring Squeeze, twist Wring, wrong, wrung, wrangle, wrench
Writh- Contort Writhe, wrest, wrestler, wrist, wreath
Wroht Work, make Wrought, cartwright, playwright